Krell KAV-300i 2 Channel Integrated Audiophile Amplifier

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 by rubin.57 posted on Jan 09, 2020 19:22

krell kav 300i 2 channel integrated audiophile amplifier
If you're interested in this Krell KAV-300i integrated amplifier, you have an aficionado's taste. The highly rated unit was lightly used for listening exclusively to classical music through Martin Logan electrostatic speakers. The package includes amp only. Official description of the Krell KAV-300i audiophile unit: Description: Solid-state, remote-controlled, stereo integrated amplifier with five line-level inputs including one tape loop. Power output: 150Wpc into 8 ohms (21.8dBW), 300Wpc into 4 ohms (21.8dBW). THD: ...
Onsale for CAD $ 1,185.11 and shipping from Brooklyn, New more on eBay...

 by 2005rosef posted on Jan 29, 2020 02:15

krell kav 400xi integrated amplfier excellent
Krell KAV-400xi Integrated Amplfier. EXCELLENT condition. Works perfectly.Great Sound. I lost a remote control for it....
Onsale for CAD $ 1,318.24 and shipping from Old Bridge, New more on eBay...

 by speakers.everywhere posted on Jan 08, 2020 07:39

krell ksa 150 stereo power amplifier nice
Up for sale is a Krell KSA-150 Stereo Power Amplifier. This amp is in great working order. Cosmetically, it is in good overall condition with some minor marks around the two black handles. There is also a ding in the bottom right corner of the face plate. Amp comes complete with power cable. I unfortunately do not have the original box, but nonetheless the amp will be packaged well. Packing will include a double box, hard foam, and bubble wrap. International shipping is welcome but only through the global shipping program....
Onsale for CAD $ 1,844.23 and shipping from Charleston, South more on eBay...

 by tmraudio posted on Jan 23, 2020 23:32

krell kav 280p stereo preamplifier kav280 p remote
The world's largest online retailer of pre-owned audio Product DescriptionWho we areWhat we doOur ProcessOur Policies Krell KAV-280P Stereo Preamplifier; KAV280-P; Remote Product SKU: 22936 Voltage: 115V # of Owners: 2 Service History: None Serial Number: 15704050185 Age: 13 years Tobacco Exposure: No MSRP: $3000 Cosmetic Description: 7/10 Very good cosmetic condition with some minor visible cosmetic wear including some nicks and scratches on the top surface and top edge of the faceplate. These blemishes are not readily visible and do not detract from the overall wonderful appearance. What is Included: Preamplifier, Remote, Manual, Power cable, Factory packaging Other Notes: "If you like instrumental texture, image density, low bass authority, a...
Onsale for CAD $ 1,506.76 and shipping from Broomfield, more on eBay...

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