Mark Levinson JC-2 full-function preamp, mm phono, works fine, all original

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 by mesh50 posted on Oct 28, 2019 13:56

mark levinson jc 2 full function preamp mm phono works fine all original
Mark Levinson JC-2 full-function preamp, works fine, mm phono. Designed by John Curl in 1974. Comes with original 15V regulated DC outboard power supply for 110V 50-60 Hz mains. This is the historically correct power supply. This unit is December 1975 manufacture, per sticker on power supply, manufactured in Woodbridge, CT. It is serial #1685. Tested in my high end system on both line and phono inputs and sounding very good. Phono modules are for moving magnet phono cartridges. RCA inputs and outputs. Two-position adjustable gain for line stage. I got this preamp in a lot of Levinson gear that I purchased from a former engineer for Madrigal Audio Laboratories (manufacturer of Mark Levinson gear). Madrigal was located in nearby Middletown, CT. I have sold off...
Onsale for CAD $ 2,109.20 and shipping from Hamden, more on eBay...

 by kahlaudio12 posted on Nov 20, 2019 00:08

mark levinson no 532h stereo amp 1 owner stereophile recommended 8 500 msrp
No intro needed here. This is one of the finest sounding solid state amp for under $10,000. Pair any speaker with it and you will hear the immense power behind it. And with that immense power, you will hear a larger, deeper and better defined soundstage. Bass was tighter with more authoritative control and the mids and highs were smooth and well extended. Compared to its older "3-series" amps (which were benchmark components in their own rights), the 532H shares many of the same attributes but with improved refinement and smoothness. Truly wonderful stuff. Stereophile recommendation is enthusiastically endorsed by us! Power output is 300W in 8 ohms and amp weighs a hefty 74lbs unboxed. Cosmetically, the heavy duty amp looks really good. Just minor scuff mark...
Onsale for CAD $ 4,943.44 and shipping from Northvale, New more on eBay...

 by highendaudioauctions posted on Dec 06, 2019 19:58

mark levinson no 38 audiophile stereo preamplifier
Follow us| Sign up for our newsletter Mark Levinson No.38 Stereo Preamplifier - Madrigal Audio Laboratories Here is an excellent preamplifier from Mark Levinson - the No.38. It features 2 balanced (XLR) and 4 single-ended (RCA) inputs. This unit is in good cosmetic condition and comes with the remote control, power cord, manual, and brochure. It works perfectly and sounds fantastic!All of the pre-owned items that we sell are thoroughly inspected and tested both on our test bench and in our listening room. Your satisfaction is guaranteed Included: Mark Levinson No.38 Stereo Preamplifier , Remote Control, Manual and Brochure , Power Cord Not Included: Original Packaging History: Single Loving Audiophile Owner / Non Smoker. Physical ConditionGood - Minor Blemis...
Onsale for CAD $ 5,009.35 and shipping from Brooklyn, New more on eBay...

 by otherthanhifi posted on Oct 16, 2019 06:27

mark levinson no 28 preamplifier
Mark Levinson No 28 Preamplifier . Condition is Used. Tested and functions as it should and sounds great, cosmetically in good shape a few stuffs on the top front edge, please check all pictures provided, will be packaged in a double wall box and 1-2 inch thick styrofoam all around for extra protection....
Onsale for CAD $ 2,372.85 and shipping from Carson, more on eBay...

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