McIntosh 2100 Power Amplifier High End Vintage Amp - Local Sale Pending

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 by grhimmelman posted on Jan 19, 2021 00:02

mcintosh 2100 power amplifier high end vintage amp local sale pending
A McIntosh 2100 Power Amplifier in great condition. Very heavy, will be double boxed. Shipping to USA lower 48 and Canada only....
Onsale for CAD $ 1,600.00 and shipping from Kingston, more on eBay...

 by arhobbyist posted on Jan 16, 2021 13:28

mcintosh mc7108 amplifier 8 channel
Excellent working amplifier. MCINTOSH MC7108 AMPLIFIER 8 CHANNEL Click images to enlarge Description Excellent working amplifier.  This Mac is super versatile featuring 8 bridgeable channels putting out 30 watts each x 8 or 100 watts each x 4.  I ran 6 of the channels bridged for 3 x 100 and the remaining 2 in stereo at 2 x 30 for a nice 5 channel setup.  Glass recently replaced as well as the aluminum side bars that hold the glass in place.  No issues with this one. Shipping Items will be shipped the same day payment is received if possible. We use extra care in packing items as it is my expectation that it arrives in the condition I would want to receive it in if I were the one purchasing. Most amplifiers will be double boxed with 2" hard foam board li...
Onsale for CAD $ 1,719.36 and shipping from East Barre, more on eBay...

 by we594a-24a posted on Jan 20, 2021 23:07

 vintage mcintosh mc 502 power amplifier with its wood cabinet case
This is an estate item, tested as working, nevertheless sold 'as-is'. Item is heavy -32 lbs - so shipping is UPS, continental US only. see my other auction for matching McIntosh Tuner/pre-Amp that goes with this!...
Onsale for CAD $ 630.43 and shipping from Milwaukee, more on eBay...

 by joshua_hope posted on Jan 20, 2021 19:43

mcintosh walnut logo sign mc 275 240 225 mr77 2105 2125 2205 mx110 c22 c24 c28
McIntosh Walnut Logo Sign. Made from solid American Black Walnut, hand polished and finished specially to enhance the natural walnut tones and achieve a "close to the wood" appearance and smooth feel, no dyes or stains are applied. Perfect compliment to any McIntosh component or collection. Dimentions: 15" x 4.5" x 1.25" SHIPPING:USPS Priority Mail 2-3 DayShipped within 2 business days of payment received...
Onsale for CAD $ 101.82 and shipping from Foresthill, more on eBay...

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